Of “Technocracy”: Cioloş's “Sidekicks” Smudge the Firefighters! Only in Romania, the Country Where the Today's Heroes Are the Tomorrow's Scapegoats!

Tue, 02 Feb 2016București, Romania
Author: Ioana Anamaria Ungur

D ale  tehnocratiei   Aghiotantii lui Ciolos manjesc obrazul pompierilor  Doar in Romania  tara unde eroii de azi sunt vinovatii de maine | imaginea 1 Prime Minister Cioloş strikes again. After having publicly executed three officers in a Government's meeting, the Prime Minister carries on. His next target: the leadership of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and dr. Raed Arafat – head of Emergency Situations Department. Only this time, Cioloş brought out his sidekicks, probably having had enough with his own mistakes.

The head of the Prime Minister's Inspectorate, Valentin Mircea made a bewildering statement on PRO TV channel: “From what I can tell you, most certainly, it was not the promptest intervention. Many of them were taken by surprise by that event. For example, the Red Code could have been triggered much earlier.”

Most esteemed Sir, to what can you compare this particular intervention that you drew the conclusion that it had not been the promptest ? Any intervention takes one by surprise since there are different interventions when it comes to emergency situations. Of course, it is easy to sit at one's desk and add up minutes and seconds, then divide them into hypothetical situations, even though one has never faced the field reality. If we think like that, we should most probably face a Chernobyl, a Hiroshima or a 9/11 daily lest we might be taken by surprise.

For that matter, the entire statement is full of such...inaccuracies. Everything is “roughly speaking”, nothing is sure, the intervention is not “its best”, “it could have been better” etc...There's always room for better, esteemed Sir !

D ale  tehnocratiei   Aghiotantii lui Ciolos manjesc obrazul pompierilor  Doar in Romania  tara unde eroii de azi sunt vinovatii de maine | imaginea 2 How BAD it can get, only the firefighter on the scene can estimate ! The only one who knows that is the one who felt the intoxicating smell of smoke filling his lungs and his stomach turning upside down because of the smell of burnt flesh. Of Human flesh. The only one who knows that is the one coming out of the fire, smoke black, carrying in his arms a screaming person, whose flesh falls off, while trying to keep him alive. The only one who knows is the one who is looking for life among the reeking bodies.

What you, esteemed gentlemen, seem not to understand is that, by saying that the intervention at Colectiv was not the best or that the Red Code could have been triggered earlier, YOU SMUDGE EVERY FIREFIGHTER in this country, but mostly every one of the 200 firefighters who were on duty on that fatal night.

Those people have nothing to do with a Government which, after having miserably failed on multiple levels, tries to clear its image by pointing out the scapegoats of the intervention at Colectiv – an event with a MAJOR social and media impact. Those people have nothing to do with the reality that, in Romania, the emergency services are not privatized, whereas those who should serve the interests of the country and its citizens who voted for them, in fact have other petty financial concerns. Those people have have nothing to do with fax machine X or the fact that dr. Arafat seems to pose a threat to some, by having been the cause of the fall of other Governments. These people are just RESCUERS. On that unfortunate night at Colectiv, when individuals with bow ties were sleeping tight, they did their job, surrounded by horror and pain, BUT READY, COURAGEOUS AND DEVOTED.

Beyond that, a most justified question needs to be asked: the members of the Prime Minister's Inspectorate who verified the intervention at Colectiv, what is their specialty in fire fighting that allows them to asses the result of the intervention ? How many of them are operative firefighters ? Under what terms can a lawyer or an agriculturalist engineer asses the activity of almost 200 firefighters who extinguish fires daily, SOME OF THEM FOR MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS ?

The international media praised the Romanian firefighters' intervention at that time. Their counterparts from other countries expressed their respect and congratulated them for the way in which the Romanians had dealt with the tragedy. Probably they were not as specialized as the Prime Minister's Inspectorate.

Yet, why, directly or indirectly, you always get to humiliate the firefighters, Prime Minister ?

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