Justice brings the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations to terms: Lieutenant colonel Orlando Șchiopu can now return in command of ISU București-Ilfov!

Tue, 24 May 2016București, Romania
Author: Ioana Anamaria Ungur

Lt.col. Orlando Șchiopu At the end of last year, the three officers in command of ISU București-Ilfov were released from duty following the media circus triggered by a brazen fax sent, in the middle of the night, to the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU), by an event organizer who wanted to have his gigs performed in the now "famous" location called Colectiv Club.

And, when the Romanian media asks for blood, there must be a scapegoat sacrificed as soon as possible. So, the three officers had to be thrown into the lions' den to the delight of an arrogant and impulsive Prime Minister who PUBLICLY humiliated and outcast them in a government meeting, by stating that these people have no place in the system.

Their superior officers should have protected them, instead they only signed the release document, based on some legal stipulations which have no connection with the case. At that time, the Firefighters' Journal broadly wrote about the whole issue of the release of the three officers.

Illegal order and phantasmagoric explanations

As regards the release from duty document, our editorial office publicly approached IGSU with regard to the legal base for this kind of paper. We therefore present the famous answer, with no further comment:

"Taking into account the ongoing information in the media, with the honest purpose of correctly inform the public audience, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations state the following:

The release of the leadership of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations „Dealul Spirii” București-Ilfov, mainly of colonel Guţă Mihai-Mirel, of lieutenant colonel Șchiopu Orlando Cătălin and of lieutenant colonel Aldoiu Giani, was decided based on their request, expressed by the written personal reports of the officers.

The head of IGSU took into analysis and ordered the necessary action in order to eliminate any aspects regarding the further efficiency of the management and to ensure the objectivity of the ongoing investigation. At the same time, we mention that the three officers were informed of the issued orders and there was no appeal on the administrative documents.

The release from duty, issued in accordance with art. 82, paragraph a, from Law no.80/1995 regarding the military staff regulations, cannot be associated with admisssion of guilt, this kind of action being taken in order to ensure the objectivity and rectitude of the examination by the competent authorities, respectively the credibility and efficiency of the leadership management with ISU Bucureşti-Ilfov, with the purpose of taking the necessary actions after the completion of the penal investigation."

We were saying, back then, that the Article mentioned by the IGSU clearly refers to the SETTLEMENT OF THE CASE OF THE MILITARY OFFICERS ALREADY UNDER RELEASE and stipulates a three-month duration to the settlement of the case IN ORDER TO EITHER REINSTATE OR DISBAND THEM. Nobody cared. The people with IGSU only wanted to hear their own truth, later proven to be false by Justice.

Court SUSPENDED the Release Document

Lieutenant colonel Orlando Șchiopu, with a 23-year experience in extinguishing fires, could not stand such a humiliation. Therefore, he sued the IGSU and demanded that the release document be suspended. In the public meeting on May 12th, the Bucharest Court of Justice "approves the claim for suspention of the administrative document, by article 14, paragraph 1, by Law no. 554/2015. The enforcement of the Order no. 3602/IG/25.11.2015, issued by the IGSU, is therefore suspended pending the affirmance. Enforced by law. With the right to appeal within five days from the ruling."

Although the head of IGSU strongly stated that the release of the three officers was an act of LEGAL and necessary order, yet JUSTICE SEEMS TO THINK OTHERWISE. According to the Court's ruling, Șchiopu must be immediately reinstated with his previous comission, from which he had been illegally removed, based on an illegal order.

On Tuesday, May 24th 2016, lieutenant colonel Orlando Șchiopu forwarded the Court's ruling to the head of IGSU, asking to be reinstated with his previous comission. We are taking a special interest in the IGSU's reaction. Even though the institution has the right to appeal, the rule of Court has an immediate effect.

We remind you that Article 297 of the Penal Law, paragraph 1, describes the abuse in the workplace as being "the act of the public servant who, by doing his job, does not carry out an order or carries it out defectively, and, by doing so, he causes a damage to the rights or legitimate interests of a person or legal person." The same article states that the abuse in the workplace "is punishable by law with imprisonment from 2 to 7 years and the interdiction of the right to hold a state comission." In Orlando Șchiopu's case, the humiliated firefighter, the damage done was not only related to his pecuniary rights, but also to his public image.

The Prime Minister should publicly apologize

Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș, who PUBLICLY humiliated Orlando Șchiopu and his co-workers, should definitely apologize to them. PUBLICLY. In front of the cameras and of the entire country. Just as he had humiliated the three officers. The Court's ruling clearly shows that his statements regarding the three were DENIGRATIVE and DECEITFUL!