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Thought Flame Bihor, Romania

IGSU. The Institution Where the Act of Thinking Means Disrespect for Superior Officers

Thu, 02 Mar 2017
We were reporting a few weeks ago about the hallucinating case of the two under-officers with ISU Neamț who were about to be sanctioned for daring to post on Facebook about the daily issues of the firefighters: lack of life insurances and a more than objective analysis of the medical procedures performed by the military. Off the record, reliable sources confirmed that the two had received a written brush-off for lack of respect for the commanding officers, superficiality in doing their duty and others as such. Read...
Thought Flame Bihor, Romania

Who Is Trying to Silence the Romanian Firefighters? Under-officers Threatened Over Posts on Facebook!

Thu, 16 Feb 2017
Cine bagă pumnul în gura pompierilor români? Many and various are the discontents of the military firefighters, but it seems that no-one is willing to hear them out. The 24/48-hour schedule triggered, right from its launch in 2015, numerous complaints which were not liked by its authors. The techniques of complaint suppression have been various, from soft-soaping to call for acceptance and even policies of threat and bullying. Months after months, the firefighters were closely monitored and each and every statement against the particular schedule, expressed even on the most obscure blog, was analyzed and punished. Read...
Thought Flame București, Romania

By hunting Arafat down, Cioloş has set his sidekicks on the firefighters!

Wed, 30 Mar 2016
Romanian Firefighters Since the intervention at Colectiv, almost five months have passed. In the first three days, the intervention was considered a success, and the firefighters, heroes of a tragedy that everyone promised to offer therapy support to so that they could recover much easier from the horrors witnessed on that night. Read...