Firefighters Day

Botoșani 2015/07/04 A Firefighter from Botoșani Is Named "The Honorary Rescuer of the Year"


Vâlcea 2017/03/06 Mother and Son, Dead in Fire
Olt 2017/03/06 A Man Died After Having Been Caught in an Electric Mower
Caraș-Severin 2017/03/06 300 Ha of Land on Fire
Arad 2017/03/05 Exceptional Firefighting Intervention in a Huge Blaze Started at a Shopping Center
Satu-Mare 2017/02/27 Three Men Fallen into Someş River
Olt 2017/02/14 An Old Woman Lost Her Life in a Fire
Giurgiu 2017/02/14 Aviation Bomb of 250 kg, Defused by Pyrotechnicians
Suceava 2017/02/08 The Military Firefighters from Suceava, Battling the Waters
Ialomița 2016/11/10 Fire at a Company in Slobozia
Olt 2016/11/10 Fire in the Train
Timiș 2016/10/26 A 93-year-old Woman, Lost in the Woods, Saved by the Firefighters
București 2015/10/31 27 people Dead and 162 Injured in Huge Fire Started in a Club in Bucharest
Bihor 2015/07/04 A Worker Died After Being Caught in a Landslip!
Bihor 2015/07/04 Firefighters on Alert: 1482 acres of Land Under Waters, in Salonta Area
Bihor 2015/07/04 Arsoning... Out of Revenge
Olt 2015/07/04 Car Crash with One Deceased and Eight Injured on E574
Olt 2015/07/04 Accident with a Deceased Man, On a Field in Brâncoveni Commune
Vaslui 2015/07/04 Three People Dead in a Fire
Olt 2015/07/04 Deceased Man After Being Run Over by Tractor, at Cezieni
Bihor 2015/07/04 Two Women Died After Fire
Ilfov 2015/07/04 Firefighters Rescued Three People From a Car Fallen in the Dâmbovița River
Bihor 2015/07/04 Hell Broken Loose: 30 Ha of Barley and 20 of Stubble on Fire
Bihor 2015/07/01 Six Cows Burnt Alive in a Fire!


Hunedoara 2017/02/27 Chief Master Sergeant Vasile Hațegan - Over 25 Years in Firefighting!
București 2017/02/03 Colonel Daniel Marian Dragne - New Inspector General of IGSU
Arad 2016/12/06 36 Years of Military Career, 26 years in Command, 8 Years as Chief Inspector: Colonel Ioan Bogdănescu
București 2015/11/25 Scapegoat Found Guilty, a Month after the Tragedy in "Colectiv": the Bucharest-Ilfov ISU Administration Suspended

Thought Flame

Bihor 2018/01/20 The Firefighters' Service - Four Years Under the Same Curse: Instability
București 2018/01/13 Chief Inspectors Left Periodically to Jump at Each Other's Throats for the Command of Chief Inspector, like Fight Dogs, to the Amusement of the Politicians. Who Benefits from This Instability of the Service?
București 2018/01/08 The Minister's "Oversight"
Satu Mare 2018/01/06 20 Days Under Fire, 20 Days of Critics, A SUCCESSFUL INTERVENTION!
București 2018/01/05 Will Colonel Dragne be Changed from Command, after the Intervention at Moftinu Gas Intervention?
Satu Mare 2017/12/31 Instead of the Traditional ..."Happy New Year , 2018!"
Bihor 2017/03/02 IGSU. The Institution Where the Act of Thinking Means Disrespect for Superior Officers
Bihor 2017/02/16 Who Is Trying to Silence the Romanian Firefighters? Under-officers Threatened Over Posts on Facebook!
București 2016/03/30 By hunting Arafat down, Cioloş has set his sidekicks on the firefighters!
București 2016/03/16 As of 2011, the Firefighters' Leadership Has Been Changed the Way One Changes His Socks. We Wonder Why ?
București 2016/02/02 Of "Technocracy": Cioloş's "Sidekicks" Smudge the Firefighters! Only in Romania, the Country Where the Today's Heroes Are the Tomorrow's Scapegoats!
București 2015/11/27 Hero and Rescuer for 23 years, Today a Big "Liar" Investigated by... the National Anti-Corruption Department ???!!!
Bihor 2015/07/04 Still, Does Anybody Care About the Firefighters?
Bihor 2015/07/04 St. Joseph the New of Partoș – the Icon in the Firefighters' Heart
Bihor 2015/07/04 How Much Is a Firefighter's Life Worth?
Suceava 2015/07/04 Heroes in the Holy Week
Bihor 2015/07/04 Abandoned to Illness

Beyond the Incandescent Front

București 2018/02/04 A New "Oversight" by the Minister: The Investiture of General Iamandi
București 2018/01/27 The New IGSU Inspector General, Recruited from a Young Age by the Military Counterintelligence
Satu Mare 2018/01/14 They Are Those Who Coordinated, alongside the Inspector General, the Intervention at Moftinu Mare! Audacia et devotio!
Chișinău 2016/11/13 The City Inhabitants Brought Food to the Firefighters Who Had Been Fighting with the Fire for 30 Hours
Chișinău 2016/11/13 The Prime Minister is Supporting the Deceased Hero's Family and Colleagues
Botoșani 2016/11/10 A Firefighter From Botoşani Running From Sofia to Bucharest in Order to Help Children With Autism
București 2016/11/03 Mobile Morgues - Yes, Technique and Heavy Gear for Interventions in Case of Casualty - No!
București 2016/10/29 A Year After the Tragedy at "Colectiv", the Firefighters in Restructuring: Commanded by a Gendarme and Equipped with Mobile Morgues
Arad 2016/10/26 Romanian Firefighters - Volunteers in Africa
București 2016/05/24 Justice brings the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations to terms: Lieutenant colonel Orlando Șchiopu can now return in command of ISU București-Ilfov!
Timiș 2013/09/15 Saint Joseph the New and His Beloved House in Partoș

Celebration Time

Arad 2017/02/20 Happy Birthday to Deputy Sergeant Lango Cristian Vasile! Happy Marriage to Cristian and Florica!

Rescuers among angels

Bihor 2016/11/13 The Firefighter - The Anonymous Hero Who Sacrifices His Life Out of Love for His Fellowmen
Chișinău 2016/11/13 Firefighter Lost His Life in Huge Blaze
Chișinău 2016/11/13 Last Respects...
Chișinău 2016/11/13 The Ministry of the Interior Management, Paying Their Respects to Hero Ivan!
Chișinău 2016/11/13 The Grieving Colleagues Waited for the Hero...
Braşov 2015/07/01 Rest in Peace!
Brașov 2015/07/01 An Angel Has Risen Like a Streak of Lightning to Heavens...

Tactical Training

Giurgiu 2016/05/31 Romanian firefighters - an exceptional mission in Estonia, 3.000 km away from home

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