Firefighters Day

Botoșani 2015/07/04 A Firefighter from Botoșani Is Named "The Honorary Rescuer of the Year"


Vâlcea 2017/03/06 Mother and Son, Dead in Fire
Olt 2017/03/06 A Man Died After Having Been Caught in an Electric Mower
Caraș-Severin 2017/03/06 300 Ha of Land on Fire
Arad 2017/03/05 Exceptional Firefighting Intervention in a Huge Blaze Started at a Shopping Center
Satu-Mare 2017/02/27 Three Men Fallen into Someş River
Olt 2017/02/14 An Old Woman Lost Her Life in a Fire
Giurgiu 2017/02/14 Aviation Bomb of 250 kg, Defused by Pyrotechnicians
Suceava 2017/02/08 The Military Firefighters from Suceava, Battling the Waters
Ialomița 2016/11/10 Fire at a Company in Slobozia
Olt 2016/11/10 Fire in the Train
Timiș 2016/10/26 A 93-year-old Woman, Lost in the Woods, Saved by the Firefighters
București 2015/10/31 27 people Dead and 162 Injured in Huge Fire Started in a Club in Bucharest
Bihor 2015/07/04 A Worker Died After Being Caught in a Landslip!
Bihor 2015/07/04 Firefighters on Alert: 1482 acres of Land Under Waters, in Salonta Area
Bihor 2015/07/04 Arsoning... Out of Revenge
Olt 2015/07/04 Car Crash with One Deceased and Eight Injured on E574
Olt 2015/07/04 Accident with a Deceased Man, On a Field in Brâncoveni Commune
Vaslui 2015/07/04 Three People Dead in a Fire
Olt 2015/07/04 Deceased Man After Being Run Over by Tractor, at Cezieni
Bihor 2015/07/04 Two Women Died After Fire
Ilfov 2015/07/04 Firefighters Rescued Three People From a Car Fallen in the Dâmbovița River
Bihor 2015/07/04 Hell Broken Loose: 30 Ha of Barley and 20 of Stubble on Fire
Bihor 2015/07/01 Six Cows Burnt Alive in a Fire!


Hunedoara 2017/02/27 Chief Master Sergeant Vasile Hațegan - Over 25 Years in Firefighting!
București 2017/02/03 Colonel Daniel Marian Dragne - New Inspector General of IGSU
Arad 2016/12/06 36 Years of Military Career, 26 years in Command, 8 Years as Chief Inspector: Colonel Ioan Bogdănescu
București 2015/11/25 Scapegoat Found Guilty, a Month after the Tragedy in "Colectiv": the Bucharest-Ilfov ISU Administration Suspended

Thought Flame

Bihor 2017/03/02 IGSU. The Institution Where the Act of Thinking Means Disrespect for Superior Officers
Bihor 2017/02/16 Who Is Trying to Silence the Romanian Firefighters? Under-officers Threatened Over Posts on Facebook!
București 2016/03/30 By hunting Arafat down, Cioloş has set his sidekicks on the firefighters!
București 2016/03/16 As of 2011, the Firefighters' Leadership Has Been Changed the Way One Changes His Socks. We Wonder Why ?
București 2016/02/02 Of "Technocracy": Cioloş's "Sidekicks" Smudge the Firefighters! Only in Romania, the Country Where the Today's Heroes Are the Tomorrow's Scapegoats!
București 2015/11/27 Hero and Rescuer for 23 years, Today a Big "Liar" Investigated by... the National Anti-Corruption Department ???!!!
Bihor 2015/07/04 Still, Does Anybody Care About the Firefighters?
Bihor 2015/07/04 St. Joseph the New of Partoș – the Icon in the Firefighters' Heart
Bihor 2015/07/04 How Much Is a Firefighter's Life Worth?
Suceava 2015/07/04 Heroes in the Holy Week
Bihor 2015/07/04 Abandoned to Illness

Beyond the Incandescent Front

Chișinău 2016/11/13 The City Inhabitants Brought Food to the Firefighters Who Had Been Fighting with the Fire for 30 Hours
Chișinău 2016/11/13 The Prime Minister is Supporting the Deceased Hero's Family and Colleagues
Botoșani 2016/11/10 A Firefighter From Botoşani Running From Sofia to Bucharest in Order to Help Children With Autism
București 2016/11/03 Mobile Morgues - Yes, Technique and Heavy Gear for Interventions in Case of Casualty - No!
București 2016/10/29 A Year After the Tragedy at "Colectiv", the Firefighters in Restructuring: Commanded by a Gendarme and Equipped with Mobile Morgues
Arad 2016/10/26 Romanian Firefighters - Volunteers in Africa
București 2016/05/24 Justice brings the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations to terms: Lieutenant colonel Orlando Șchiopu can now return in command of ISU București-Ilfov!
Timiș 2013/09/15 Saint Joseph the New and His Beloved House in Partoș

Celebration Time

Arad 2017/02/20 Happy Birthday to Deputy Sergeant Lango Cristian Vasile! Happy Marriage to Cristian and Florica!

Rescuers among angels

Bihor 2016/11/13 The Firefighter - The Anonymous Hero Who Sacrifices His Life Out of Love for His Fellowmen
Chișinău 2016/11/13 Firefighter Lost His Life in Huge Blaze
Chișinău 2016/11/13 Last Respects...
Chișinău 2016/11/13 The Ministry of the Interior Management, Paying Their Respects to Hero Ivan!
Chișinău 2016/11/13 The Grieving Colleagues Waited for the Hero...
Braşov 2015/07/01 Rest in Peace!
Brașov 2015/07/01 An Angel Has Risen Like a Streak of Lightning to Heavens...

Tactical Training

Giurgiu 2016/05/31 Romanian firefighters - an exceptional mission in Estonia, 3.000 km away from home

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