Beyond the Incandescent Front

Beyond the Incandescent Front București, Romania

A New "Oversight" by the Minister: The Investiture of General Iamandi

Sun, 04 Feb 2018
O noua  scapare  a ministrului  investirea generalului Iamandi | imaginea 1 Although the replacement of the IGSU leadership was publicly announced as of January 26 2018, the day of February 4th 2018, the day when general Dan Paul Iamandi was supposed to replace colonel Daniel Marian Dragne from the command of the firefighters, was a quiet day. Read...
Beyond the Incandescent Front București, Romania

The New IGSU Inspector General, Recruited from a Young Age by the Military Counterintelligence

Sat, 27 Jan 2018
Noul inspector general al pompierilor  recrutat de tanar de organele de contrainformatii militare | imaginea 2 As of February 4th 2018, the military firefighters will have a new commander, one-star Brigadier General Dan Paul Iamandi. Until further official introductions, with all the honors due to a general with an important resume, a certificate uploaded on came into our notice. Read...
Beyond the Incandescent Front Satu Mare, Romania

They Are Those Who Coordinated, alongside the Inspector General, the Intervention at Moftinu Mare! Audacia et devotio!

Sun, 14 Jan 2018
Ei sunt cei care au coordonat  alaturi de inspectorul general  interventia de la Moftinu Mare  Audacia et devotio | imaginea 1 Alongside colonel Daniel Marian Dragne, inspector general with the IGSU (The General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations), during the days of fire at Moftinu Mare, was a team of young officers and under-officers, skilled and fearless firefighters, who provided serious help in managing the difficult intervention at the oil drill. Read...
Beyond the Incandescent Front Chișinău, Moldova

The City Inhabitants Brought Food to the Firefighters Who Had Been Fighting with the Fire for 30 Hours

Sun, 13 Nov 2016
Locuitorii orasului au adus hrana pompierilor aflati 30 de ore in lupta cu focul | imaginea 1 It was extremely impressive how the city inhabitants mobilized themselves and decided to support the firefighters. Thus, old and young, they arrived on the scene and brought food and water, by their means, to the firefighters. Read...