Arsoning... Out of Revenge

Sat, 04 Jul 2015Bihor, Romania

Incendiu din    razbunare | imaginea 1 The military firefighters with the Tinca Squad intervened on Friday, November 7th, around 13:00, to extinguish a fire started in Fonău, Husasău de Tinca commune. Upon their arrival, the fire was violently burning in one of the rooms, the firefighters managing to put it out before developing to the other room.

A movie-like script: a young woman who lived in her father's house together with her boyfriend tumbled out with her house on fire one day. After a series of heated conjugal disputes, her father asked her „lover” to leave the house. Most probably, in a state of anger, the boyfriend returned the following day with not so friendly intentions, and set fire to the room where he had used to live with the girl.

The firefighters promptly intervened and put out the fire and stopped it from developing to the other room. The competent authorities have started an investigation to catch the perpetrator.

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