Fire at a Company in Slobozia

Thu, 10 Nov 2016Ialomița, Romania

Incendiu la o societate din Slobozia | imaginea 1 On Saturday morning, November 5th 2016, around 06.40, a fire started at the granary of an economic operator in Slobozia, which produces food oil. At that time, inside the granary were several workers who managed to escape just in time. Two of them, located on the upper levels, because of the extremely thick smoke, did not manage to go downstairs, thus being forced to use the fire escape pertaining to the building.

Five officers and under-officers from the Slobozia Intervention Squad were sent on the scene with three water and foam fire trucks, a mechanic tower car and specialized first aid SMURD van. Upon their arrival, the flames were developing on four rubber belts and other flammable materials, placed on several layers, including the basement.

Due to the extremely thick smoke and the reduced visibility inside the granary, the intervention of the firefighters and of the emergency situations Private Service team was severely aggravated, thus being forced to take actions both on the ground floor and above the granary, by use of the tower car.

Most probably, the fire had been triggered by the friction of a belt located on the third floor, by the pertaining metalic piping. Following the event, two lifting platforms, four belts, their driving systems and several cables burnt. After more than seven hours, the emergency situations teams and the emergency situations Private Service of the company managed to extinguish the fire which was spreading towards the raw material (sunflower seeds) stocked inside the granary.

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