An Old Woman Lost Her Life in a Fire

Tue, 14 Feb 2017Olt, Romania

O batrana si a pierdut viata intr un incendiu | imaginea 1 An old woman lost her life and belongings from two rooms were destroyed in a fire started on Tuesday, February 14th 2017, in a dwelling from Mărunței commune, Bălănești village.

The incident was reported around 16.00, and the firefighters with the Slatina Unit intervened with two fire trucks in order to put it out. On the scene was dispatched the SMURD Slatina crew as well.

Upon the arrival of the crews, the fire was burning the belongings from two rooms and the roof of the house. The owner, aged 89, was found dead, with no burn marks, most likely having been intoxicated with carbon monoxide.

The fire was put out within the perimeter, the belongings in the two rooms were destroyed and partially the roof of the house. The most probable cause of the fire was the faulty chimney.

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