The Military Firefighters from Suceava, Battling the Waters

Wed, 08 Feb 2017Suceava, Romania

Pompierii militari suceveni in lupta cu apele | imaginea 1 Following growing temperatures and rainfall over the last few days, in the area of Vatra Dornei were recorded rapid water rises of the rivers of Dorna and Bistriţa. The growing temperature triggered the snow melt in the mountains and of the ice in the rivers. The water flood from the rivers affected sixteen houses, twelve annexes and eighteen courtyards, all located in Vatra Dornei.

On the Saturday night, February 4th until Sunday, February 5th 2017, the military firefighters intervened with motor pumps to remove water and sandbags to raise safety embankments for the households in present danger.

In the early Sunday morning hours, 60 firefighters from the subunits in Vatra Dornei, Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Rădăuţi and Suceava, intervened with nine trucks and six motor pumps (of which, one of high capacity) to continue the water removal operations. The firefighters were helped by eight workers with the Vatra Dornei Local Committee for Emergency Situations, eight policemen and three workers with SGA Suceava.

The mission took place all Sunday, it being continued during night time. We mention that the high capacity motor pump used for the respective area has a capacity of removal of 600 cubic meters per hour. Up to the moment of this press release, the motor pump had ceaselessly functioned, thus removing 5.000 cubic meters of water from the flooded households. The water was removed from all the affected dwellings, while only the cellars remained flooded.

Pompierii militari suceveni in lupta cu apele | imaginea 2 The pyrotechnic crew with the "Bucovina" Inspectorate for Emergency Situations from Suceava county intervened with explosive material on the ice formations on Bistriţa river, in the areas of Chilia and Dorna Arini. In these area were detonated ten charges, in five rounds, by using twenty kg of trotyl and 34 kg of dynamite. As a result of the blows, the water flow is getting lower in the respective areas. The operations will continue throughout Monday, February 6th 2017, with an extra help from the two pyrotechnic crews from ISU Botoşani and ISU Bacău.

The flooded areas were closely monitored by the management of the County Committee for Emergency Situations, respectively by the prefect Constantin Harasim and county deputy prefect - Ionuţ Creţuleac, by the chairman of Suceava County Council - Gheorghe Flutur and the chief inspector of ISU Suceava.

On Sunday evening, around 20:00, SGA Suceava informed the County Center of Intervention Coordination and Management, activated at the headquarters of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, on the decrease of the water flow of Dorna and Bistriţa rivers.

The crews on mission will remain in the field in support of the population over the night as well. The situation is constantly changing, therefore we will keep you informed on the development.

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