Three Men Fallen into Someş River

Mon, 27 Feb 2017Satu-Mare, Romania

Trei barbati cazuti in Somes | imaginea 1 On Sunday, February 26th 2017, around 17:01, a search-and-rescue crew on an inflated boat and two SMURD crews (one with the Mobile Intensive Care and the other with the First Aid) within the Satu Mare Fire Station intervened together with an Ambulance crew from the Satu Mare County Ambulance Service (SAJ Satu Mare) in order to rescue some people who had fallen into Someş River, in the area of Satu Mare.

According to the information given by the caller, a fisherman apparently had fallen into the water, while the other two jumped after him in order to save him, but they too were trapped in the river, as the bank was steep.

Upon their arrival, the rescuers found on the river bank a man aged 32, who had been rescued by the caller, while the other two could not be saved. The victim was given first aid procedures since he was suffering from hypothermia, being subsequently sent to the hospital.

At the same time with the first aid procedures, the firefighters brought ashore a man of approx. 40 years old, by aid of special equipment. The man was not breathing, so they had to resuscitate him, but unsuccessfully. The SMURD doctor pronounced him dead.

The third victim (aged 50), according to the caller, had immersed under the river water before the arrival of the rescuing crews. As a result, the firefighting crew started searching for him by use of an inflated boat.

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