Chief Master Sergeant Vasile Hațegan - Over 25 Years in Firefighting!

Mon, 27 Feb 2017Hunedoara, Romania

Plutonier adjutant sef Vasile Hategan   peste 25 de ani sub stindardul Pompierilor | imaginea 1 As of February 28th 2017, Chief Master Sergeant Vasile Hațegan - driver of the fire trucks with the Deva Fire Station will be disbanded so as to enjoy, as his colleagues heartily wish him, a long and well deserved retiring pension.

The under officer is to be disbanded following 25 years of activity, being hired as a firefighter ever since June 1991, with the Orăștie Fire Station. Since 1999, Chief Master Sergeant Vasile Hațegan was transfered to the Deva Fire Station.

His colleagues describe him as an excellent professional and a special comrade. Via The Firefighter's Journal, his co-workers wish to thank him for being their colleague, and are grateful for the time they spent together, for all the special moments, and the hard ones as well.

May you have a long and happy pension!

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