Colonel Daniel Marian Dragne - New Inspector General of IGSU

Fri, 03 Feb 2017București, Romania

Col. Daniel Marian Dragne As expected, Major General Ovidiu Vasilică was released from the command of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, in February 4th 2017. Totally unsurprisingly, in his place was commissioned Colonel Marian Daniel Dragne. We won't get into details, the contents of the documents which confirm the commission can be found in Gazette no. 100.

The press release issued by IGSU this evening, show that the esteemed officer has a twenty-year-old activity in this Service. Probably, the subordinates from the Press Office considered that mentioning the 20+ activity looks good on paper. These twenty years of career were most likely calculated as starting from the first day in college, not as the actual period spent in operative subunits which should be the pride of any career officer.

The officer's career hasn't quite met with the operative subunits. His resume shows that, over the years, he moved from structure to structure, which did not involve partaking in firefighting. Cozy places, at the office, far from the smell of smoke, searing heat or harsh frost. Well, an ambitious man aims higher: General Headquarters, Control Department, command of IGSU.

In two turns, he was assigned as first deputy to the IGSU general inspector. Between January - December 2013, respectively from December 2014 until today, Friday, February 3rd 2017. In his second "commission" he managed to get to the command of the Romanian firefighters. It seems that his involvement in implementing the 24/48-hour schedule, in various purchases and commitment to his superior officers finally paid off.

Perhaps, the esteemed subordinates of His Excellency from the Press Office could point out in a press release the special fires which were put out by firefighters under the command of the new general inspector during his twenty-year-long career. We could only remember his presence at the fire at Bamboo Club more as a mere observer, or perhaps he was "supervising the forces" alongside Dr. Raed Arafat. And the fire at Colectiv Club where Colonel Daniel Marian Dragne was the perfect absentee, although, on that day, he was in command of IGSU.

All in all, since in an institution such as IGSU, a specialist officer rank I - i.e. a vice-agent at the Operative Center - can be hired with zero experience, or even a graduate from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, or a specialist officer rank I at the Department of Logistics can be hired as a graduate from the Faculty of Zooculture, no wonder that the people in command have seen fires more on TV than in real life, or have successfully put out the flame from the cooking stove.

Since the General of the Gendarmes managed to carry it off well, the new inspector general will be able to do the same. We wish him good luck and look forward to him proving his skills acquired during his career of over twenty years.