As of 2011, the Firefighters' Leadership Has Been Changed the Way One Changes His Socks. We Wonder Why ?

Wed, 16 Mar 2016București, Romania
Author: Ioana Anamaria Ungur

Col. Nicolae Cornea We watched with heartache the media reaction after the fire at Colectiv. Even though, the following day, everybody was praising the heroic firefighters who intervened on that nightmarish night, I kept asking myself about the moment when they were going to be back on the blacklist of the scapegoats. After how many days the first firefighters were going to be sacrificed.

And it did not take long. After approximately one month, the first ones being thrown into the lions' den were the leadership of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Bucureşti-Ilfov: Guță, Șchiopu and Aldoiu. Rumor has it that it was over a lost fax. An anonymous collectively signed fax sent in the middle of the night from the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (IGSU). We won't elaborate on the subject matter once again. Those interested by finding more about this topic can find minute explanations on this link: De la faxul discordiei la adevăruri dureroase.

The Military Firefighters' Service is recording these days, since 2011, the most terrible period of INSTABILITY in its whole history. Let us take a look at the way in which the leaders had been changed after the 1989 Revolution:

  1. gen. (r) Ionel Crăciun – general commander of the military firefighters between 1990-2000
  2. gen. (r) Vladimir Secară - general commander of the military firefighters between 2000-2011
  3. col. Marcel Lucaciu - general commander of the military firefighters between February 2011-October 2012
  4. gen. Ioan Baș - general commander of the military firefighters between October 2012-June 2013
  5. gen. Ion Burlui - general commander of the military firefighters between June 2013-January 2014
  6. col. Nicolae Cornea - general commander of the military firefighters between January 2014-present day.

Gen. Ion Burlui

A pretty unsettling present...if we have in mind the latest statements from the chief inspector of the Government's Inspectorate. Most certainly, the changes that happened after 2011 do not show, in the least, the STABILTY and REFORM of the Service. We will not mention the way in which the leadership was changed. Whether they left on their own will because they had had enough or felt they could not face the pressure, or they were released of their duty, or they were asked to resign, is IRRELEVANT. The commanders were changed like socks after 2011. The same instable rhythm could be noticed when it came to the first-deputies.

The instability within a Service means sure death. We are talking about the reform of the firefighters. How ? A year for colonel X, 6 months for general Y ? One for a day, the other one for the following day ?

It's no secret that the firefighters' leadership are appointed by politicians. The same politicians who proved again and again that they do not care about the needs of the country and its citizens. When one, who is tougher and does not like to be bossed around, comes along, he is replaced. Or leaves on his own will. Or he is suggested that he should stand down.

In this manner, one begins to ask himself some justified questions: Who gains after the repeated instability in the Firefighters' Service ? To whose interests do the Firefighters pose a thread ? The surveys show that the average people have the highest rate of trust in the firefighters. More than 77%. The firefighters. Those men who save their lives and assets FOR FREE. Is there somebody who wants to privatize these services in which the common people have so much faith ? Is this reason why some individuals try so desperately to find the scapegoats among the firefighters ? Be it for the crash of an airplane, or for the death of a suicide, or for the fire at Colectiv. SHAME ON YOU !

The military uniform has been commanding respect during history. Today it has become but a rug under the politicians' feet. We would suggest those politicians to act as firefighters in a fire such as the one at Colectiv, at least one time. Or the one at the Red Dragon. Or at Mihăilești… And then to dare say it is easy or hard, or it could have been better dealt with. We would also suggest them to supervise an intervention, and then demand the reform of the Firefighters, lay off their commanders or decide that “they should be out of the system for good” !

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