The Minister's "Oversight"

Mon, 08 Jan 2018București, Romania
Author: Ioana Anamaria Ungur
Photo: Facebook

Scaparea  ministrului | imaginea 1 A new scandal is haunting the political-governmental area in Romania. After the oil drill at Moftinu, it seems that it is the Ministry of the Interior's turn to burst into flames. We will not tackle the political aspect of what is going on at the Ministry of Management and Internal Affairs. Out of respect for the firefighters who, by being true military personnel, would not find the presence of political gossip in the journal dedicated to them too augury.

Yet, there is a side to this whole media frenzy which cannot be overlooked. It is unacceptable that a structure so much praised by the minister such as the Police, should be infiltrated with persons with such serious mental disorders. Especially when the respective man is an old offender. Certainly, to be honest, we have to admit that a minister cannot supervise all the ministry's personnel. Not even their bosses. Besides, the first misdemeanors of the pedophile policeman occurred in 2015 when Ms Dan was still in Teleorman county.

But, the incident covered by all media channels in Romania these days made us reflect upon some aspects. What can one say, we all have our itches. Thus, we noticed that during the winter holiday season, the minister visited and praised the Ministry of the Interior, and the Police and Gendarmerie as well. Not a single word was mentioned on her site about the firefighters who had been basically living on an oil pocket, near a fire monster, at Moftinu. Not even a word addressed to those firefighters during that extremely difficult and dangerous intervention.

We thought that it might have been an oversight. But it continued even after the end of the intervention. Since January 6th, the distinguished madam did not have the time to say something to the hundreds of firefighters who had intervened on the incandescent front at Moftinu, over a period of twenty days, not even a word of "Respect!". And all this when their intervention caught the attention and the admiration of foreigners. Could this attitude be a sign that other changes within the IGSU leadership are about to occur? Was this a deliberate act on the part of the minister so that she could replace the command without any remorse? Well, if they are praised, there is no real reason for them to be changed, would it ? The policy of the pretend-that-it-does-not-exist does not do any minister any credit! For beyond the sand, the Romanian firefighters proved at Moftinu that they are devoted and ready to die. Not to give credit where credit is due is not a gracious gesture. Not to mention others. is not a movie, and whoever digs another person's grave, usually falls into it. Esteemed Ms Dan, it is unfair that a minister should be replaced because of the incompetence of a certain agent X and his higher-ranking officers who had failed to notice an individual with a deviant behavior, despite his previous record. And it is just as unfair that a commanding officer who was in charge with an extremely difficult intervention should be replaced as such. But the most unfair thing is that the minister in charge should not even congratulate the hundreds of military personnel and their commander who brought respect to the country and Service by protecting their fellow citizens, for the holidays, at Moftinu. Good words, compassion and kindness do not cost a thing!